Calcasieu students can now wear jeans with school uniform

Published: Jul. 12, 2022 at 9:55 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - You may want to add a pair of blue jeans to your back to school shopping list.

The Calcasieu Parish School Board voted in favor of adding jeans to the dress code policy beginning in the 2022-2023 school year.

The addition allows for blue jeans, pants only. Shades of blue may vary. Jeans shall not have any holes, rips or tears. No blue jean shorts.

The rest of the uniform policy regarding bottoms remains: no corduroy or wind-suit materials, no sweat pants, no stretch pants or leggings, no spandex, no baggy pants, no bell-bottoms, no carpenter or cargo styles, no hip-huggers, no side-knee pockets.

“People are going to be going out and buying jeans, so they need to know these are blue, not white, not gray, not any color but blue. They’re jeans, they’re not leggings, they’re not capris, there’s all kinds of jeans that’s out there,” school board member Mack Dellafosse said.

The policy states the school principal will be allowed the autonomy to decide what’s appropriate uniform and enforce the dress code.

“And if we’re saying no holes, no leggings, no tears, no rips, no errors, no nothing, then it needs to be that way,” school board member Billy Breaux said.

The move recognizes the high cost of khakis and the stress it can put on students and their families.

“Not only the fact that you can’t find them, but the sheer cost and we talked about the struggles that parents are undergoing right now. It’s a real struggle out there,” Dellafosse said.

Many attending the meeting agreed khakis aren’t affordable for every family.

“Each pair, I looked it up this morning, cost $49.95, which averages to about $150 for three pairs of pants, not including tax,” one student said.

Others at the the meeting also agree jeans are easier to find at local retailers and far less costly.

“My favorite pair of blue jeans in my closet that are school appropriate, no rips or tears, they cost 10-dollars,” another student said.

School board members expressed that this is a “trial run” and if the uniform policy can’t be followed correctly, it could be revised at a later date.

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