‘My body, my choice’: Protesters gather in Lake Charles against abortion ban

Published: Jun. 25, 2022 at 11:08 AM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - It was a big decision from the US Supreme Court, overturning the 1973 law, Roe v. Wade causing a mixture of emotions among Americans, some of which who demonstrated in protest.

The landmark ruling has many people outraged and upset, but for others, it’s a day some people have prayed for.

Some of those against the high court’s decision gathered for a pro-choice rally in front of the federal courthouse in Lake Charles holding signs and chanting things like “my body, my choice.”

“I want rights to my own body. I want to be able to say and decide when I’m ready to carry a child and if that ever happens. Yeah, I want a choice in that,” Calista Malone said.

Malone was one of the dozens of protesters that turned out hours after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling.

“It’s sickening to wake up and find out that a decision has been made about you that you weren’t really involved in at all,” Paige Philips said.

“I’m honestly just tired of men making decisions on my body. It’s really that simple,” Sophia Cesarini said.

Many that are pro-choice call the decision, now making abortions illegal in many states, a violation of women’s rights.

“What about children? Should a 11-year-old little girl who got raped by her uncle have to carry that baby full term? She’s just a kid herself. If they wont let a 13-year-old adopt a child, why would they make her carry one?” Renee Sims said.

Pro-choice demonstrators said now it’s time to take action.

“The first thing we can do about this is find out how our representatives voted on this issue and then get down on them. Start from the ground level, finding out who your politicians are, and do they represent you?” Carrie Chrisco said.

This group of pro-choice protesters said they are not giving up and the want their voices to be heard.

“I guess I’m hoping that maybe you know Americans can see that we’re going behind,” Sims said. “We’re going backwards and not forwards because really to be they’re not going to stop at Roe v. Wade. Clarence Thomas already said he’s going after gay rights next.”

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