Leblanc Middle Schoolers win Global “Girls who Game” competition

Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 3:30 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - The oil and gas industry makes up most of the Southwest Louisiana economy. Students at Leblanc Middle School recognized that.

When trying to come up with a project for the “Girls who Game” competition, they decided to make a LNG plant in the video game Minecraft that was more sustainable.

“The girls absolutely love this class because it’s centered around Minecraft and they basically get to, or this club, it’s a club, now they get to play Minecraft and it’s taking something that the kids may not think about, but putting it in a outlet that they absolutely love through Minecraft,” STEM teacher Jordan Allen said.

The girls worked on the project all semester, and the hard work paid off. The girls of Leblanc Middle School won first place in the competition.

“Yeah, so the first cohort that we participated in was like I said spring of 2021 and we were brand new to the organization. Still trying to kind of learn how things operate. But we actually won the grit award that cohort because the organization found out that we had. We were entering the competition even though we were still under distress with the hurricane and my classroom is still leaking and so we actually won the grid award,” technology teacher Allyson Turner said. “That cohort and then the second code work that we participated in was the fall of 2021, and in that cohort we went third place. And then the code work that we just finished. We won first place so we’ve you know gradually just keep getting better and better and figuring just kind of figuring out the game and and how to win you know.”

The opportunity to expose children to STEM has grown in recent years, and thanks to programs like “Girls who Game”, it makes learning seem like fun.

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