Fear of flooding causes residents to ask for better drainage maintenance

Published: Jun. 17, 2022 at 6:35 PM CDT|Updated: Jun. 17, 2022 at 6:53 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - After suffering so much damage from rising waters over the last couple of years. fear of flooding is a growing issue for people in the Lake area.

Residents on East Parkway live next to a canal that runs off Contraband Bayou. They said it is never cleaned out and may one day be the reason for water getting into their homes.

Residents have had their share of high water, when they couldn’t even see the banks of the canal along their street.

Now that the water is low, they are able to see things in the canal.

Steve Lamb said they’d like whoever is responsible to remove trash and debris to prevent flooding problems.

“Pieces of building, tin, I’ve seen a tire. A stump. There are some here, there are some further down the bayou. You may think this is one or two pieces, but you add it up and add it up and that could add to a big problem,” Lamb said.

Tracey Rust lives down the street.

“It’s going to back up because nothings been done here, and I’m concerned about flooding. And I do not think it’s going to take a once in a lifetime rainfall like we had last year to flood this,” Rust said.

She said items are below the surface, creating spots where silt accumulates and vegetation grows. Such as under this bridge.

“As a science teacher, I know when things are in water, when it hits objects in water that’s when water slows down and silt and sand and dirt start building up. The amount of mud there is years of accumulation,” Rust said.

The other complaint of residents is always getting a runaround between the city, parish, and the gravity drainage district.

“There was some question as to whose jurisdiction it was. Whether it was city or parish or gravity drainage or whatever,” Lamb said.

Neither Lamb or Rust would like to complain yet, but when it comes to the possibility of flooding they ask:

“Please help, please,” Rust said.

Lake Charles spokesperson Katie Harrington said debris or trash in a lateral should be reported to gravity drainage while trash or debris on neutral ground can be reported to the Mayor’s Action line.

“In general if debris or trash is in a drainage lateral, Gravity Drainage is the appropriate group to report it to. This specific lateral along East Parkway is labeled as L-5 on the Calcasieu Parish GIS Site. It is in Gravity Drainage District 2, Ward 3. The number to report these concerns to is 337-433-1160. This is the Lake Charles Office. Contact | GDD2 East,” Harrington said.

“If it is trash or debris on land or the neutral ground, that can be reported to the City by calling the Mayor’s Action Line at 337-491-1346. There is a legal process we have to follow to address it, but we will work to get it cleaned up,” Harrington said. “Specifically in this case, I have submitted the construction debris that is currently on the East Parkway neutral ground, near Contour Street, to the appropriate City Departments to address.”

Harrington said contractors performing work on homes or other structures are responsible for hauling off construction debris.

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