Third grader gives $1,000 scholarships to graduating students

Student works hard earning money from chores, good grades, and even Tooth Fairy cash
Published: Jun. 1, 2022 at 6:09 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - The story of a selfless Vinton elementary school student- who, with the help of his parents, started his own scholarship foundation. Grant Nazworth, has big dreams to help people in his community.

Selina Keele said her son Grant has lived his entire life thinking about what he can do for others.

“Grant’s always been a person that’s always wanted to help people. He sees a homeless person on the side of the road. He’s wanting to get money out of his bank account to help him,” said Keele.

“I’ve always seen people on the side of the road and I’m like, they should have a chance in life to be greater than what they are,” said Grant.

Keele said she wanted to help her son pay it forward - so Grant started brainstorming.

“His first choice was- he wanted to give him a home,” said Keele.

While that may not have been feasible, they soon thought of another idea - to help local students pay for their education.

The 3rd grader started earning money by doing chores, making good grades, and even saving up his tooth fairy money.

“His tooth fairy gave him $100 for that, and he was like,’’ I want to give that to my scholarship,” said Keele.

Instead of keeping his hard earned cash - he surprised Vinton high seniors Ja’myia Williams and Samuel Jackson with the first Nazworth Foundation Scholarship, $1,000 each.

“How did I get blessed so much with a child like that? It’s an honor to have a child like that,” said Keele.

Grant said this is just the first step for the foundation, and he has high hopes for the future.

He also wants to help pay for children like him who need cleft palate surgery.

“I had a cleft palate myself. It’s tough. It really is tough. But you gotta be strong to do it,” said Grant.

His mom said she will continue helping him reach his goals, no matter how big.

“So a car and a home. We’re dreaming big but, that’s our two big dreams of this foundation. And whatever we can do, we want to do,” said Keele.

In a statement, the Calcasieu Parish School Board said:

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