A vision by local veteran supporters could soon become a reality

A monument at the SWLA Veterans Cemetery
Published: May. 31, 2022 at 6:03 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - A vision by local veteran supporters could soon become a reality. They want a monument at the Southwest Louisiana veterans cemetery to memorialize those buried there. After cutting through all of the red tape, they’re now ready to accept donations.

While the veterans home in Jennings serves the elderly, The Southwest Louisiana Veterans Cemetery is a final resting place for military men and women.

The property lacks what Lenor Broussard Cox is hoping will be a fitting monument to their service.

“That beautiful big piece of ground is where our monument is gonna sit,” said Cox.

Cox’s husband Ted was the first veteran buried here.

“My family, my brothers, my nephews, and I married a marine, so I’ve always been red white and blue,” said Cox.

Now- she’s going the extra mile to honor her late husband and other veterans with a memorial monument.

“So he’s really smilin’ down,” said Cox.

She said it will serve many purposes.

“First off we needed a beautiful entrance, which this monument is ideal, it’s a 6 sided granite monument that will match our Columbarium walls,” said Cox.

The plans in the making include a seating area for families and friends of veterans interred to sit and reflect. With the proper permits secured, all that’s left is raising funds for the monument.

“I have gotten the Vietnam Veterans support, we’re going to go through their organization so it’s a 501c so that the donations are tax deductible,” said Cox.

Cox said they will need to raise $50,000 just for the granite, and the entire project will cost around $200,000, but she said that’s a small cost to honor the price these veterans paid.

“We really believe in our project, and we really want to see our dreams turn into a reality,” said Cox.

The monument will sit on a 32 X 28 feet concrete base and will be made entirely of granite. Each of the six columns will be 10 feet each, and have one of the following engraved on it: ARMY, MARINES, AIR FORCE, SPACE FORCE, or COAST GUARD.

It will connect to the current Memorial Walk sidewalk using the 5-foot-wide handicap inclined ramp, making it easily accessible for all.

They are accepting donations, and can provide the necessary paperwork for tax deductible donations. All donations should be made payable to: Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1058 and mailed to: Memorial Monument, P.O. Box 873, Jennings, Louisiana 70546.

Cox said they are hoping to have the memorial completed by May of next year.

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