Hometown Heroes - Geri Christ Landry

Published: May. 19, 2022 at 4:09 AM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - A Lake Charles woman who saw a need for helping parents of children with autism is still thriving today at the age of 91. Geri Landry started Autism Services of Southwest Louisiana after retirement.

“On behalf of Project Fit and the Tour Lafitte, we’d like to offer Autism Services of Southwest Louisiana, $2,000.”

Allie Davis, owner of Project Fit on Nelson Road, recently presented Landry with a check, representing funds raised from a recent Tour Lafitte Spin event, in which Geri was a part.

“I only made one hour of the three hours,” said Landry. “Some of those people were on there 3 hours and went over fifty miles. I could never do that. But I did the one hour.”

“She’s one of the first women I ever saw working out,” said Davis, Landry’s niece. “I was only six years old and that was fifty years ago. She used to iron clothes and do squats and kickbacks. She was also on the first McNeese women’s tennis team. I just always idolized her in so many ways.”

Geri’s nephew, Joseph Sullivan, has autism and inspired her to do more for him and others on the autism spectrum.

“After I retired at 70, I started Autism Services of Southwest Louisiana with 2 moms who asked me to help them,” recalled Landry. We now have four homes for adults with autism here in Lake Charles.”

And as for KPLC’s Tour Lafitte, organizers hope to return the event in the future.

“And hopefully we can get the Tour Lafitte back on the road one day,” said Davis. “It was a fantastic event. It brought our community together through fitness in a fun way. I hope to see it come back again.”

For more information on Autism Services of Southwest Louisiana, call 337-436-5001.

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