Locals have concerns about leaning utility poles

Published: May. 11, 2022 at 9:30 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - An electrical pole snapped, killing a Lake Charles man. Now, people want to know what is being done to prevent another accident like this from happening again.

A family is asking for change after a freak accident forever left its mark:

“There needs to be someone at least going around and monitoring the bad poles and trying to get them fixed in a timely manner, instead of waiting for a tragic accident like this to happen,” Gerald Williams said in a previous interview.

James Williams was sitting in his vehicle just moments away from leaving a meeting near Church and Bilbo streets in Lake Charles. An Entergy utility pole snapped, fell on his truck and killed him.

In an interview with the family, they said they felt that the accident could have been prevented with proper maintenance:

“I’ve reported it to Entergy several times, and the first call should have been over a year ago,” Gregory Griffin said.

Griffin said he has made several calls to the utility company about a pole he is concerned about on Commercial Street.

“I pass, and that pole is still leaning today,” Griffin said.

We asked Entergy what their maintenance on their utility poles entails. They said:

“We have a proactive maintenance plan that we work through each year. We annually inspect a portion of our utility poles and replace damaged or broken poles when necessary”.

Entergy urges people to call them about these concerns, but Griffin said his efforts have been less than proactive.

“They need to have somebody actively taking these complaints, and that would help them get someone out there if they are truly interested in getting someone,” Griffin said. “There is something that can be done. When you have to call a number and try to reach someone, sometimes you wait a long time trying to reach someone, and some people just give up.”

If you are concerned about a utility pole, you can contact the company at 1-800-entergy or visit their website at

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