“We’ve never been out of love I don’t think, it’s always grown strong with the years.”

Happy 71st anniversary to Lou and Dallas Fontenot
Published: May. 6, 2022 at 6:53 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Lou and Dallas Fontenot are celebrating 71 years together today, a milestone that they say was only possible through constant love, and forgiveness.

We sat down with the couple to learn about their 7 decades together, and their relationship secrets that kept them together over the years.

“We’ve enjoyed life together,” said Dallas.

Over 70 years ago- these lovebirds began their life together.

“My favorite one is when I met you, there you are- that’s what I was thinking, when we met,” said Dallas and Lou.

Married at 15 and 18- Lou and Dallas Fontenot didn’t have much- but they had each other- and vowed to be together- for richer or for poorer.

“We didn’t have any money, and my dad cosigned for $100 at Calcasieu River Bank, which I don’t even think exists anymore, for him to have $100 so we could get married,” said Lou.

“$44 went on the ring, $25 went on the rent for a little place we had, and $5 went to the preacher for marrying us.”

Now- 3 daughters, 2 grandsons, 3 great-granddaughters, and through all the highs and lows in their lives- they say their love for each other has only grown stronger.

“I don’t see how you could have a relationship, be married that long, and not have love-throughout it all,” said Dallas.

“We’ve never been out of love I don’t think, it’s always grown strong with the years,” said Lou.

Dallas said the key to a lifetime of happiness- is always putting his wife first.

“My advice is- what he’s got to realize if he wants to marry you, that you’re the most valuable thing here on Planet Earth. and if he doesn’t, dump him and get one that will,” said Dallas.

So- what’s their secret for seven decades of joy and love? Lou said they never go to bed angry- and always learn to forgive.

“People do not get along constantly without a little squabbles and little fusses and little things like that, but most of all, we’ve had a lot of love to pull us through,” said Lou.

They said if they could do the last 71 years over again- they wouldn’t change a thing.

“Another 70 huh?” asked Lou, “Oh no, I want eternity,” said Lou.

Happy 71st anniversary to the Fontenots!

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