Lopez Trial Day 2: Boyd Hagood takes witness stand

Ashlyn Brown pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice and is no longer jailed. She took the stand and testified about the day Dustin Hammons was killed.
Published: Feb. 11, 2022 at 5:51 PM CST
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - The other man accused of the murder of Dustin Hammons took the witness stand Friday morning in the trial of Jason Lee Lopez.

Boyd “Lurch” Hagood repeatedly refused to answer questions posed by both the prosecution and the defense. He even refused to answer whether he had a cell phone and when his birthday is.

Lopez is standing trial for second-degree murder and other crimes in the death of Hammons.

A homicide detective from Harris County in Houston testified Friday afternoon about Lopez’s tattoos, which include two faces. The detective believes they are the faces of Dustin Hammons and Zachary Gayle - another man who disappeared and is presumed dead.

Both Lopez and Hagood are allegedly connected to the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas and meth dealing.

The Third Circuit ruled the state could force Hagood to testify since the state gave him immunity from his testimony in Lopez’s being used against him.

Questions included whether he killed Hammons as well as another man named Zachary Gayle.

In response to each question, Hagood responded, “I respectfully refuse to answer.”

Each time, for the first 15 times, Judge Kendrick Guidry found Hagood in contempt of court and sentenced him to six months in the parish jail.

After Hagood’s sentence was up to 7 1/2 years, the judge stopped adding time.

Hagood’s defense attorney plans to appeal his sentence.

Hagood still faces his own trial for his alleged involvement in Hammon’s murder.

Ashlyn Brown, the woman initially arrested with Lopez and Hagood, also took the stand Friday. Brown said she was first a babysitter for Hagood’s children and eventually became his girlfriend. She said she was paid in meth then but is now sober.

Brown was allowed to plead guilty to obstruction of justice and is no longer jailed.

She testified about the day Dustin Hammons was killed, saying that she and Hammons and Hagood and Lopez drove to an area in Louisiana. She said during the drive, Hammons was forced to smoke more meth than he wanted and that he was pleading for his life.

Brown testified she thought Lopez and Hagood were just going to abandon Hammons in a deserted area. But she said when the car stopped, the three men got out and walked away from the car. She says she heard several shots and then heard Hammons scream “I’m still alive!” She testified she then heard more gunshots and that Hagood and Lopez returned to the car.

She says she asked if Hammons was still alive and that Hagood told her, “If so, not for long.”

Brown testified Lopez was Hagood’s connection to the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas. She testified Hagood had a connection to the Bandidos and that he wanted to do business with the Aryan Brothers.

She also testified sometimes she delivered drugs for Hagood.

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