Chateau Du Lac remains closed after Hurricane Laura, causing concern for residents wanting answers

Published: Feb. 9, 2022 at 9:53 PM CST
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Residents of a Lake Charles apartment complex are questioning when they can return home. Our team searched for answers, and we bring you what we found out.

“You know, if we could get some answers, and they’d tell us it’d be six months, than we’d wait,” Keith Dubrock said. “But, if it’s going to be two or three years, than we’ll have to find some other place for him to live.”

Answers are what Keith Dubrock said he and his family have been waiting for since Hurricane Laura. Dubrock’s blind brother and his wife lived at Chateau Du Lac in Lake Charles prior to the storm, but have been displaced ever since.

“We were really interested in finding out when they can move back in,” Dubrock said. “We have not been able to find out any answers, nobody wants to talk to you, nobody wants to give you any information. That’s one of the main things we are interested in, trying to find out information on when they can move back in.”

Latter and Blum Property Management has managed the property since 2018. We’re told by Lake Charles city officials that the property was recently sold to Chateau Affordable LLC, but is still under Latter and Blum’s management.

Dubrock said his brother received their first correspondence with the company in October.

“He received a letter wanting to know if he wanted to move back in whenever they opened back up, and naturally he did,” Dubrock said. “We filled in the letter, he did, and sent it back to them and have never heard anything since then, and that was back in October.”

He said they’ve reached out to the company numerous times, but have yet to receive any answers, all while continuing to pay their utility bills.

“The ladies told him they needed to continue to pay their electric bill to Entergy and their Suddenlink bill to Suddenlink itself, so that they would have a place to stay, and they could not deny them when they came back,” Dubrock said.

We reached out to Latter and Blum Property Management for comment and have not received an answer.

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