Westlake Mayor Bob Hardey is laid to rest

Published: Feb. 4, 2022 at 7:10 PM CST
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Family, friends and local officials turned out Friday to pay respects and remember one who was so dedicated to the City of Westlake.

Mayor Bob Hardey was admired for his successful efforts to make the city better, as well as his humility, insisting it was never about him.

On this cold, overcast morning Westlake Police came to Lake Charles to escort the hearse from Hixson’s to the church in Westlake. On the way they made a final pass by City Hall.

Then they passed under a flag suspended from two fire department ladders, one from Lake Charles and one from Westlake and finally, to St. John Bosco for a rosary and funeral mass.

As the time for the afternoon funeral neared, people flowed in. Many were local officials who worked closely with Hardey.

Former State Senator Ronnie Johns says Hardey was a great mayor.

“I’ve served with a lot of mayors over my tenure in the legislature and a lot of them have done some good things but none better than Bob Hardey. I mean he cared about this community. There wasn’t a week go by that he wasn’t calling, looking for help. But he really had a sincere love for this community, and he wanted to see it get better,” said Johns.

Hardey is well remembered for his hands-on involvement during and after the city was ravaged by Hurricane Laura. Johns says it’s a great loss for Southwest Louisiana.

“He never quit. I mean he rode out the hurricane at city hall. The walls were crashing in on him. I mean he really put his life in harm’s way for the city that night, to stay at city hall, to make sure the city was secure. He really put his life in jeopardy that night and very few people realize that. But he was a great man and it’s going to be a great loss,” he said.

Hardey had many friends and relatives including former KPLC journalist Lee Peck, his nephew.

“I think people are going to remember him for his public service. He was a long-time city councilman, and of course mayor, getting the city back on track. He’s going to be remembered for a loving husband, grandfather and just a really good friend to a lot of people,” said Peck.

At the funeral Rev. Jenesh Joseph described Hardey as a generous man with a big heart for his family, friends and the community.

Following the funeral mass mourners processed to Hardey Cemetery in Westlake.

Hardey died last Saturday after battling a brain tumor since August. He was 66 years of age.

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