Fourth-grade Sulphur teacher transforms classroom

Published: Jan. 13, 2022 at 6:37 PM CST
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Sulphur, LA (KPLC) - Mrs. Viator’s fourth-grade classroom at Our Lady’s Catholic School has all hands-on deck with this science unit as students are spending the week learning about the medical world and the human body.

From blood types to organ transplants, medical diagnostics, and how the body moves, Viator’s fourth-graders have learned a lot.

“We learned that without the muscular system, you wouldn’t be able to move. And without the skeletal system, you would just lay on the ground like nothing,” student Jaxson Thomas said.

“There’s 206 bones in your body,” student Emma-Lee Guidry said.

“My favorite part is learning about all the organs and what’s their jobs and how they help your body,” student Jace Pharis said.

“When you’re doing something athletic, then your heart starts beating faster and it will produce more oxygen around your body,” student Wyatt Fuqua said as he pointed to where the heart is located amongst the body’s organs on the operation table.

“And this is a heartbeat,” student Harper Sanford said as she demonstrated on a heart simulation.

“And what happens if your heart stops beating?” Viator asked.

“You’ll die,” Sanford responded.

“You’ll die, but what happens? So, when we press this... it’s a heartbeat, right? So, what happens if our hearts not beating?” Viator asked again.

“Your blood doesn’t go through your body so then you can’t breathe,” Sanford answered.

“Because what is in your blood?” Viator asked.

“Oxygen,” Sanford said.

Working with organs: Owen Findley
Working with organs: Owen Findley(Our Lady's School)
Working with blood types: Zaylin Gray, Harper Sanford, Jonah Malone, and Wyatt Fuqua.
Working with blood types: Zaylin Gray, Harper Sanford, Jonah Malone, and Wyatt Fuqua.(Our Lady's School)
Transplanting organs: Maddy Miller
Transplanting organs: Maddy Miller(Our Lady's School)
Working with blood types: Brooklyn Domingue
Working with blood types: Brooklyn Domingue(Our Lady's School)
Learning blood types: Channning LaBove
Learning blood types: Channning LaBove(Our Lady's School)
OLS 4th grade students
OLS 4th grade students(Our Lady's School)
Mrs. Viator's fourth-grade class.
Mrs. Viator's fourth-grade class.(Our Lady's School)
Testing heart model: Brynlee Martin
Testing heart model: Brynlee Martin(Our Lady's School)
Working with the skeletal system: Eli Ojoro, Mason McReynolds, and Melanie Marler.
Working with the skeletal system: Eli Ojoro, Mason McReynolds, and Melanie Marler.(Our Lady's School)

Stefanie Viator said as an educator she really wanted to make her lessons more interesting and hands-on. She said learning about the human body can cross over into other subjects as well.

“To be able to incorporate all of our subjects - and most importantly religion as a Catholic school - you know, for them to be able to research the saints and see how they applied to the medical field,” Viator said.

She explained that each group got to name their operating table after a saint of their choice.

“We chose Padre Pio because he took the wounds of Jesus and he would go to the hospitals to pray with the people who were just about to die,” Emma-Lee Guidry said.

“We chose St. Raphael because he was a patron of doctors, and he was one of the archangels,” Dalton Habetz said.

Several local hospitals donated supplies to be used in the class to help immerse the students in their surgical studies.

Viator adds she’ll definitely be transforming her classroom again after seeing how involved her students got this week.

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