COVID-19 antiviral pill from Pfizer available in Calcasieu in limited quantities

Published: Jan. 10, 2022 at 7:26 PM CST
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - The first outpatient pill approved for emergency use for COVID is now available in Calcasieu Parish.

The FDA first approved it in December.

It’s unclear how many doctors know the first doses of the Pfizer pill have arrived in Calcasieu Parish, but it has, though quantities are limited.

Boudreaux’s Pharmacy in Lake Charles received 40 courses of the Pfizer antiviral pill Friday, and at last word, had 10 left. It’s for mild to moderate COVID in people at high risk of hospitalization or death.

The pills require a prescription from your doctor but are now considered first-line for outpatient care.

“We just started administering them. They’re great for outpatient use of COVID if you’ve been tested positive, Pharmacist Elizabeth Hebert said. “It’s a five-day treatment. You do three tablets twice a day for five days.”

Hebert says it’s free to the consumer and that she knows one person taking it and having great results.

“I’ve gotten some feedback from someone that I know personally who started it last week,” Hebert said. “And after the first dose, they noticed significant improvement in their symptoms that have continued throughout the weekend and today are doing much better. They felt like the pill saved their life.”

Hebert says it’s most effective if taken immediately after COVID symptoms start.

“It’s recommended to start this within 72 hours of symptoms on the onset of COVID,” Hebert said. “So, the sooner the better.”

The Iowa Pharmacy received 20 courses and at last word had 14 left.

Pfizer’s Paxlovid can cause serious interactions with other drugs, so the patient’s other medicines must be carefully considered.

The pharmacist says any COVID patients who get a prescription should not walk into the store. She says Boudreaux’s can deliver it or bring it outside to one’s car.

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