New Orleans teacher inspires and entertains millions on TikTok

How one man from Louisiana became an accidental influencer during the pandemic
Published: Dec. 30, 2021 at 8:13 PM CST|Updated: Dec. 31, 2021 at 2:52 PM CST
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - A teacher from New Orleans wants to help you “Find Your Joy” and he’s doing just that on TikTok, where he’s already made millions of people laugh.

Greg Kata is a theater teacher for students in kindergarten through seventh grade and he’s turned a passion project into a side business.

Kata, like many people, downloaded TikTok during the pandemic because people kept texting him TikToks to watch.

“Finally, I downloaded it because I was so sick of getting these messages, and honestly, I emerged from a three-day binge and was like, ‘What, what is this app?’ ”

He downloaded the app and began experimenting with ways to make content but it wasn’t until he focused on being the host of each post that he found his audience reaching nearly 2 million followers.

“I get wonderful messages every day from people just saying they’re in a dark place and my videos make them happy, I can’t complain at all.”

Some of his biggest hits include detailing cute stories about his kids in class. Some of his funniest moments are his tales of first-grade lunch.

“First-grade lunch is where all the stuff goes down, the romances, the inability to open a ketchup package.”

He also focuses on his neighbors in New Orleans and does walking tours but he hit his stride with his reviews of stores - some of which he’s gone into for the first time.

They include Buc-ee’s, Aldi, Walmart and Sam’s Club.

Sam’s Club enjoyed his post so much they asked him to do it again. One of the posts has more than 4 million views.

“I work with Sam’s Club a lot. I went in there and roasted them and we’ve worked together four times.”

Kata uses several catchphrases throughout his Tiktok posts including, “I di-Greg” and “Find Your Joy.”

“Find Your Joy” has also become his mantra. For him, it means taking small positive steps each day.

“If you want to eat a bag of Twizzlers and go watch Real Housewives, go do that. That is a way to self-care.”

It has become such a prominent point in his posts that he now sells merchandise with the phrase on it.

Even so, he’s got a new mission for everyone in 2022.

“For 2022 it’s the year of you, that doesn’t mean it’s all about you. It means we’re taking five minutes a day that we’re checking in with ourselves and being the best versions of us that we can be.”

Kata also reminds us that in 2022, we have to take care of ourselves, no one is coming to do it for us.

If you want to find his TikToks and merchandise, you can find them under Gregisms on Tiktok.

You can also follow the KPLC page while you’re there.


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