The Personality behind new McNeese Head Coach Gary Goff

Published: Dec. 22, 2021 at 11:11 PM CST
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - When McNeese Athletics Director Heath Shroyer was making his checklist of what he was looking for in a head coach, he was looking for one oddly specific and personal preference that would tell him all he needed to know about his next head coach Gary Goff.

“I can have a beer with him,” Shroyer said. “He is Southwest Louisiana. The man wore cowboy boots today, like, I love him. He is what this place wants, it’s what it needs what we need and he checked all of the boxes and then some.”

In addition to being personable, Shane Thomas, Sports Editor of the Valdosta Daily Times said Goff is also very competitive, yet humble, for an up-and-coming coach with a 22-3 record in his stint at Val State.

“He has his intensity and brings a certain level of intensity and attention to detail and his teams were pretty well prepared throughout the year and they really put on a show this season,” Thomas said. “I think it’s just his ability to get teams prepared, his attention to detail and he goes about his business in a very humble way and I think that’s the best way to be. He’s not big on bragging or talking any trash but I think he’s just a solid guy that knows football and I think he’s definitely a coach on the rise for sure.”

It was also important to Shoroyer for his next coach to build a culture of academic success and well-rounded citizens. Thomas said this is what makes Goff stand out the most.

“I think it’s his track record as far as what he does away from the football field,” Thomas said. “You’ve got to do the work in the classroom, you’ve got to be outstanding citizens of the program and not just football players. He has emphasized that and that’s his big selling point is that you’re not always going to play football. You have to find other ways to succeed in life because not everyone goes to the NFL. His understanding of what it takes to run a football program and to have student-athletes and emphasize the academic aspect is what kind of sets him apart and makes him unique.”

These are the qualities that made Shroyer so anxious to get on that plane to Lake Charles when Valdosta State made an attempt to convince Goff to stay.

“So but we signed his butt in the airport and said ‘You’re signing and getting on that plane with me. No that ain’t happening’,” Shroyer said.

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