Lake Area couple upset by alleged illegal dumping

Published: Dec. 21, 2021 at 6:34 PM CST
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Some people can be hard to buy Christmas gifts for but not Sylvester and Deidre Rachal. They just want the trash in their neighborhood cleaned up and for whoever is allegedly dumping illegally to stop.

Sylvester Rachal and his wife Deidre take a lot of pride in their home on Ellis Street, just outside Lake Charles city limits.

It’s neat, tidy and well-maintained, but it frustrates them that there seems to be repeated illegal dumping in their neighborhood.

“I didn’t see anybody, okay, but that pile wasn’t there because I go around, and sometimes, I pass that way. Wel, that pile - and I called the parish over there on it - on Thornton; it was a small pile and that pile got bigger,” Sylvester said.

The Rachals’ home is in the area between Broad Street and Goodman Road, and Sylvester wonders if there’s dumping by people who feel it’s a poor neighborhood and, therefore, doesn’t matter.

“Just ‘cause you’re poor, my wife says, ‘You don’t have to live like you’re poor,’” Sylvester said. “I don’t want to live, like, in the slums. I pay the note on the house. I pay taxes. Some people say they love the country but don’t pay taxes. I pay tax, I pay a lot of taxes, even though I don’t make that much.”

The Rachals are also upset about trash in the drainage lateral behind their home, because they say it contributes to flooding in an area that shouldn’t flood.

“If it starts raining here like one Monday - I can’t remember the day - it flooded back here. It don’t flood back here. Like I said, this is a ‘no flood zone,’ it shouldn’t flood,” Sylvester said.

Parish drainage officials say Crowder Gulf has a contract to clean up areas they don’t have equipment to get into, so that should help.

A spokesman for the police jury says they are aware of illegal dumping in that area and are actively working with the Ward 3 Lake Charles City Marshal to prosecute the perpetrators.

The parish spokesman says they have accepted bids for a contractor to remove the debris.

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