Hurricane recovery continues for Lake Charles

Published: Dec. 3, 2021 at 9:48 PM CST
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - A lot of construction is taking place around the City of Lake Charles, and some of it means good news for families who spend time outside.

”Things that impact our community the most are, you know, the places that families come and spend time together - the Civic Center, the park here, the marina,” Leah Bordelon said.

And that’s what city officials are gearing their focus towards.

“You know, those should be top priority I feel like - to have a good face for our community,” Bordelon said.

In the process of repairing the city’s storm damage, Mayor Nic Hunter said they haven’t forgotten about the city’s many recreational assets.

“It certainly hasn’t been for a lack of effort on the city’s side,” Hunter said. “It’s a very cumbersome process to go through the FEMA process.”

The marina, located at the lakefront, is on the city’s to-do list, as the docks have remained closed while awaiting repairs.

“We will have two that will be ready for spring 2022,” Hunter said. “A third is waiting on some materials that have to be, actually, manufactured.”

Also on that list are repairs needing to be made to more than a dozen city parks.

“We have multiple other issues at city parks that are still in the works,” Hunter said. “We have a couple rec centers. We’ve got some pavilions.”

As the council voted on making these repairs at this week’s city council meeting, Hunter explained they’ve hit several roadblocks when trying to obtain bids for projects.

“We pulled several parks together to make the package - the fencing package a little bit large - so that contractors would be more interested in it,” Hunter said.

We also asked about the Civic Center sign, as it serves as a reminder of what this area has been through. We’re told it’s finally being remodeled.

“We have decided that we’re going to reduce it to just the pole, and we’re going to make a decision, along with our architect, as to whether the pole needs to be removed or if it can actually be salvaged,” Hunter said.

Hunter also said the city is working alongside FEMA to ensure they receive 90% of reimbursements for these repairs.

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