Moss Bluff shopping center struggles to trap marauding street gang of raccoons

Published: Dec. 1, 2021 at 8:44 PM CST
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - A Moss Bluff Walmart is struggling to control a street gang... of raccoons.

“The raccoons come out - they’re hungry,” shopper Amy Hastints said.

A nursery of raccoons has invaded the Walmart Neighborhood Market parking lot - nocturnally rearing their heads and opening their mouths for food.

“There’s like two of them - maybe a bigger one then a little smaller one. Just eating whatever somebody dropped off,” shopper Pat Gonzalez said.

“Sixteen is the most I’ve seen, and I actually sat and counted them because I was telling the people not to feed them,” shopper Robert Hawes said. “You can get bit. But one of them said, ‘I hope so, I’ll sue this place.’ Are you doing it on purpose?”

Walmart has placed a sign out where the plump creatures gather, advising shoppers not to feed them. Yet, on Wednesday night, shoppers threw food to them. And the tree line surrounding the sign is littered with rotting fruit.

“They need to get them all picked up. Someone’s going to get bit,” Hawes said. “And it might be something bad too. I mean, I’m not saying the raccoons carry disease, but they could.”

Calcasieu Parish Animal Services say they are aware of the issue, but because Walmart is on private property, their hands are tied.

We’re told the corporation did hire a trapper, successfully trapping over 30 raccoons. But there are still more out there.

“So, they’re in a Catch-22,” Hawes said. “I think Walmart should just pay somebody to come out and just trap them all or just relocate them. I live out in the woods. We got plenty of raccoons out there. They could bring them out by my house. I don’t care.”

“Something should be done because they don’t need to feed them. And then they do come up to you because they’re being fed,” Hastints said.

Again, authorities suggest shoppers avoid feeding the animals.

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