Sports Person of the Week - Rylee Cloud

Published: Nov. 14, 2021 at 11:05 PM CST
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Rylee Cloud recently made history becoming the first Fairview student-athlete to sign with a power 5 college program. Cloud signed to be apart of the nation’s number one recruiting class at Arkansas.

“It’s honestly just a dream come true. It feels amazing, it’s still unreal to me to this day,” said Cloud.

For Cloud, playing college Softball has been a goal of hers for years.

“When I was about 12 years old my parents asked me if I want to play Basketball or Softball and I said Softball,” Cloud said. “So ever since about 12 years old it’s just been softball, softball, softball so it’s been a dream since then to be where I’m at today.”

Short in stature, but not in power. Last season she hit eight home runs in a six-game stretch and finished with 11 on the season. But her power in the box isn’t what drives her.

“What motivates me is the kids that come and watch games and stuff and seeing them tell me good job after the game and stuff and seeing all the kids come up to the gym or come up to the field asking me what I do and stuff and that’s just what really motivates me,” Cloud said.

From the moment Cloud stepped on the Fairview diamond, head coach Cody Williams knew she was just different.

“I started coaching Cloud in 2018. She was an eighth-grader. I talked to her dad and I said look I actually don’t know what she can do because she’s different,” Williams said. “From day one when I seen her, she’s just different you don’t have these types of kids in a public school system maybe once in your whole coaching career.”

Her skill set stretches to the hardwood as well  The state champion a champion on the hardwood as part of the Lady Panther dynasty.

No matter what playing surface Cloud is on, she want to represent her home with passion.

“Well usually when people ask me where I’m from I’m like do you know where Lake Charles is? Then I say yeah an hour north of there so that’s usually how I tell them where I’m from, but I really hope that once I get to Arkansas and see succeed there that everyone will soon know where this place is,” Cloud added.

Cloud’s talent is something coach Williams doesn’t think can be replicated for the foreseeable future.

“I absolutely don’t see how somebody could come behind her and be better,” Williams said. “Not in my lifetime. I just don’t. She loves the game. She’s a gamer man! She means everything to us man.

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