Still searching for driver in 2016 unsolved hit-and-run

Mother is still mourning the loss of her daughter and seeking justice
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Published: Oct. 18, 2021 at 9:44 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Five years later, a mother is still mourning the loss of her daughter. Donisha Stroman was killed in a hit-and-run on October 29, 2016 and her killer has still not been found.

“When a mother loses a child, people might expect you should get through it, you should get over it, but no ma’am,” said Sandra McCoy, Donisha’s mother.

McCoy said that even though five years have passed, she is still mourning the tragic loss of her youngest daughter.

“These 5 years to me, it’s just like it happened yesterday. My heart is broken,” McCoy said.

Donisha Stroman was serving in the army and was spending some time off-duty with friends in Lake Charles. She was pulled over on the side of McNeese street getting something out of her car when she was struck by another vehicle and killed.

The driver failed to stop, and fled the scene.

“That’s what got us so down is not knowing who did it, and nobody’s seen anything, and the cameras weren’t working,” McCoy said.

Donisha’s killer still has not been found.

“This is something I just can’t get through,” McCoy said.

But McCoy isn’t losing hope.

“I’m not giving up. I will continue to check with Lake Charles Police Department, and I will continue to wait and fight for her justice,” McCoy said.

McCoy visits her daughter’s grave frequently and says it has become a routine for her. She decorates it for birthdays and other holidays.

“Talking to her and knowing that she’s watching over me, and guiding me, and letting me know that, momma- it’s gonna be okay because one day this person will be apprehended. I’m not giving up on that,” McCoy said.

In June of this year, Donisha’s family celebrated her 30th birthday at her grave, complete with balloons, streamers and wreaths. McCoy said having her family close has made this process easier, and she is thankful for Donisha’s sisters, and her grandchildren bringing her joy.

McCoy says she will continue to fight for justice, with her guardian angel looking down on her.

“She is me and my family’s guardian angel,” McCoy said.

If you have any information on the hit-and-run that killed Donisha, you’re asked to call Lake Charles Police. Her family is also offering a $15,000 reward to any information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the driver responsible for Donisha’s death.

The wreck happened around 11:30 p.m. at the intersection of McNeese Street and South Park Road on October 28, 2016. The vehicle that hit Donisha was described as a light colored truck possibly white, gray or silver with damage to the front bumper area.

Stroman was transported to a local hospital after the accident, where she later died.

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