Suspect arrested following standoff in Lake Charles

(Hawaii News Now)
Published: Oct. 15, 2021 at 6:52 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - The SWAT armored vehicle was called to yet another scene where a suspect refuses to come out of a home. A man was arrested after a standoff on 17th Street involving the Lake Charles Police Department and the LCPD SWAT Team, police say.

Nearly a month ago, shots were fired during a standoff on 11th Street where a suspect was killed. Just last week, SWAT and negotiators coaxed more suspects from a home on Demarest Street. On Friday, blue lights lit up 17th Street, the third incident negotiators have worked in less than a month. Stephen Douglas Cormier, 43, was arrested on charges of mingling of harmful substances and felony theft, said Major Kevin Kirkum of LCPD.

“The scene has been busy all day, all day long,” witness Ashley Loudin said. “Cars passing by. They are stopping. They want to know what’s going on.”

LCPD arrived at the residence on the 2000 block of 17th Street to serve an arrest warrant for Cormier but he refused to come out, Kirkum said. After the SWAT team arrived, he was arrested without incident.

“I saw it all girl,” witness McKinley Simien said. “We were standing at the corner, my momma called me to get out the tub and I ran. The man, he was in the house, but everybody kept on calling his name. He did not want to come out. So they had to call the SWAT Team and all of them. Then, they gave him a few more chances and the SWAT team busted through the window. They put that tear gas in there, he came out and [had his hands up].”

“He did not want to come out so what they did was they pulled up by his home to see if he would surrender,” Loudin said. “Mr. Cormier would not come out of the home. Mr. Cormier is now in custody, dealing with the Feds.”

LCPD lists Cormier’s charges as felony theft and mingling of harmful substances. Under Louisiana law, mingling of harmful substances is the intentional mingling of any harmful substance or matter with any food, drink or medicine with intent that the same shall be taken by any human being to his injury.

Authorities call his surrender peaceful, but witnesses worry it could have turned violent quickly.

“The world we live in, it’s just crazy that we stand here and we can see stuff like this,” Simien said. “I’m glad he didn’t come out shooting or nothing because he would have been armed.”

LCPD has yet to explain the Cormier’s original case leading to his arrest and those charges.

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