Roads in Ragley, Topsy underwater due to flooding

Published: Sep. 30, 2021 at 9:32 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - As more rain comes down, the situation in parts of Topsy and Ragley appear precarious as flood waters slowly move towards homes and cover bridges.

“I thought I could make it through, and once I started getting halfway in, it was getting deeper and deeper,” said delivery driver Silas Pellerin.

“It could be a safety hazard if people don’t know the road. Stay in the center of the road. You don’t know how deep the ditches are,” said another driver, John Thompson.

When a creek bursts its’ banks, heavy flooding is the result. In some areas, depths were over 15 feet. Many of these residents say they’ve learned to drive in these conditions with a window rolled down and the seat belt off, just in case.

Several school buses were forced to turn around when the water appeared too deep. Some truck drivers transported children off the bus to their homes off Angus and Brahman Drives.

“I’m bringing kids home that can’t get home,” said driver Grant Soileau. “The school bus can’t. The roads are flooded. We help everybody we can. I have a bunch of friends who live down here and can’t get in it because they have cars.”

On Welcome Road, flooding is also affecting delivery drivers.

“For work, my boss will call me in or something, and I’ll say, ‘It’s flooded,’” Pellerin said. “I can’t get in that. I’m going to have to go a different way and see if I can make it.”

Pellerin had to drive on yet another flooded route off Briar Marsh Road. Not only are these overflowing creeks to blame, but several residents point to the Marsh Bayou.

“It’s drainage from Beauregard Parish,” Thompson said. “There is some people who rerouted a slough which went directly to Marsh Bayou, and now everything comes down this direction. Since the hurricane, all the trees that are in Marsh Bayou are slowing down the flow.”

Conditions are especially dangerous at night when it is difficult to see. Officials urge residents to avoid driving in these areas until the water recedes.

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