Tiki Island residents react to Hurricane Nicholas impact

Residents on an island near Galveston react to the hurricane
Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 10:05 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - A small island north of Galveston was damaged by the wind and rain Hurricane Nicholas brought overnight. Residents in Tiki Island say the strong winds and heavy rain were shaking their homes as waves towered up over the docks.

The storm hit on the 13th anniversary of when Hurricane Ike battered the area.

Tiki Island is about 55 miles from where Hurricane Nicholas made landfall and about nine miles north of Galveston.

The water in the canals raised up over the docks, crushing some with the strong winds. Palm trees covered the streets, pools overflowed and debris from the ocean littered the grass.

One resident, Troy Evans, even had part of his home torn off by the storm.

“It started about midnight. For the next three hours, four hours, it was blowing about 55 mph,” Evans said. “We had siding that was ripped off the house. Our neighbors lost several trees, a lot of downed fences and boat covers.”

Evans said the wind felt like it was shaking their home, and it was causing the rain to come down sideways.

Even with the conditions of the storm, Evans said living on the water is something that they are starting to get used to.

“It’s nothing that we haven’t been through before. It seems like this happens every three or four times a summer during hurricane season,” Evans said.

Donovan and Tricia Weger live on the island and said they felt like their house shaking.

“It felt like what I can only imagine being in an earthquake would be like, but when the gusts came through, we had the hurricane shutters down, and it rattled them,” Donovan said. “At points it sounded like a train was coming through.”

The bay water was all the way up to their neighboring docks, up to three to four feet higher than it usually is.

“Probably close to 1 in the morning we had high tide, and that’s when the storm really started pushing in and pushing water over the docks and really moving the houses around here,” Donovan said.

He said it was one of the quickest intensifying storms he has seen in the area.

“It just took off quick. It went from tropical storm and the next thing we knew, it was a category 1 hurricane. Landfall was coming straight for Houston, straight for the island,” Weger said.

The rain has slowed down, but some residents on the island are still without power. It will take some time to clean up the debris that washed ashore.

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