Some Cameron Parish residents riding out Tropical Storm Nicholas

Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 7:34 PM CDT
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Cameron Parish, LA (KPLC) - Over in Cameron Parish, wind gusts were high, as Tropical Storm Nicholas made its way closer to Southwest Louisiana.

“The rain has just been off and on - kinda sprinkled, then it rained a little harder, sideways out of the east,” Cameron Parish resident Nikki Norman said. “The sun was wanting to shine a minute ago - but mostly just cloudy and windy and very gusty.”

Tropical storm Nicholas cut the Cameron Parish beach area a break.

“We’ve just been watching it, we didn’t really anticipate a lot... about what we’re getting, just a lot of wind,” Norman said. “They said a surge, but we stayed for Sally and that was really nothing,” she said.

Norman, who has lived in Cameron Parish for about five years, is no stranger to tropical weather. But each storm brings with it a feeling of anxiety, especially after Laura.

“Yeah, it’s scary every time,” Norman said.

Just a few houses down, we spoke with Jeff Irwin, who works for the Cameron Parish Ambulance District 2.

“We were already here; we worked Thursday through Thursday, so they told us to get ready,” Irwin said.

As Irwin explains, they always have to be prepared working so close to the Gulf.

“We usually have a cargo trailer, and we got the cargo trailer out,” Irwin said. “We got our personal vehicles out, just in case the water came up - they said it could have been a tidal surge.”

But Irwin wasn’t the only one to prepare.

“Yeah, our neighbors came. They took their campers out, there was a camper over there,” Irwin said. “They took it out. I don’t know if they got their stuff, but most people come to get their stuff and then they get out of here, especially for hurricanes.”

Irwin added they weren’t as worried about this storm, because it was a tropical storm. But they still hoped for the best and got ready.

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