Port of Lake Charles, Entergy Louisiana, and Crowley looking to reduce emissions in the area

Published: Sep. 14, 2021 at 4:20 AM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - It is a move many businesses are looking into, going green.

That includes the Port of Lake Charles, Entergy Louisiana, and Crowley.

“We have a, it’s an agreement that we have with Entergy and Crowley, it’s basically going to provide port side electrical power,” said executive director of the Port of Lake Charles Richert Self.

And that port-side electrical power is called Shore Power.

As Self explains, it would allow tug boats to be plugged into the grid instead of running on auxiliary generators while they are alongside the dock.

“It’ll power the tug, and by plugging in, they’re not going to be running all their auxiliary generators, which are diesel power generators, and therefore reducing the amount of the emissions for this area,” he said.

But just how much of an emission reduction are we talking about?

“Entergy is projecting a reduction of about 500 metric tons in emissions per year,” he added.

Something Self tells me is not only a great thing for all the parties involved but also Southwest Louisiana.

“The biggest impact is the fact that it’s going to reduce emissions, which is great for everybody, all parties involved, but also it’ll reduce maintenance costs for the tugs, and it’s just great for everybody.”

Now I did ask how much this project will cost, and as he explains, they’re splitting the finances up.

“Our portion is approximately $200,000, and we’re going to split that cost with Entergy 50/50,” he said. “And then Entergy also has some additional work that they have to do, but the cost for the facility on our side here is about $200,000.”

As for Crowley, he says they will be paying for the power once it is installed.

Self did say that contractors are already on-site working on this; he says it will take about 30 days for them to complete their portion of the project.

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