Evacuees come to hotels in Southwest Louisiana

People evacuating from Terrebonne Parish staying in Sulphur
Published: Aug. 29, 2021 at 10:59 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Hotels in Southwest Louisiana are filling up quickly, as people who are in the path of Hurricane Ida are evacuating to safer areas.

We visited three hotels in Sulphur today; one was completely booked and the other two only had a few available rooms.

Some people from Terrebonne Parish evacuated to the lake area, to protect themselves from the storm. They sat in bumper to bumper traffic on the trip west, and said it took hours to get here.

“It was a lot of traffic, but when you have to leave you have to leave,” Cheryl Falcon said.

Cheryl Falcon lives in Houma, and decided to evacuate to Sulphur to be close to her granddaughter, who is going to McNeese and lives close by. Falcon said she wanted to be near her granddaughter, in case the hurricane shifted and the lake area was in danger.

Falcon and some of her family members made the trip down Friday night, and plan to stay until the storm runs it’s course, or until it’s safe to return home.

She said the storm started moving towards her home rapidly, and she decided to pack up and evacuate.

“It did happen quickly, I was like ‘woah’. We are going, let’s go.” Falcon said.

Another couple from Terrebonne Parish left Friday night at 10 p.m., and didn’t arrive in Sulphur until 2 a.m. Saturday. Pearla Lewis said she wanted to get out before the traffic became too bad, but the drive was still longer than usual.

Lewis said she wanted to ride out the storm, but her daughter living in Lake Charles persuaded her to evacuate, reminding Lewis what she went through during hurricane Laura.

“I did not plan on leaving, but because of what my daughter went through with Laura, it was real. My kids called me all day asking if I was nuts if I thought about staying. Either I was going to leave, or they were coming to get me,” Lewis said.

Both Lewis and Falcon have been in contact with neighbors who stayed behind to brave the storm, and are getting constant updates from back home. They both said they are thinking of their neighbors who are home, and are hoping for their safety.

“I just want them to remain safe, remain hopeful. We’re all in this together,” Lewis said.

“We are praying for all of them, that they’re safe. We want everybody to be safe,” Falcon said.

When we spoke to them, neither of their homes were damaged, but the wind was picking up and the power was out. Falcon’s daughter said the last time their neighbors updated them, they said shingles were flying off of nearby houses, and trees were beginning to fall in their neighborhood.

There are still some hotels in the lake area that have available rooms, but they are going quickly. Hotel staff in Sulphur tells us that most hotels only have a few rooms that are open.

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