TDL: Two-A-Days - Washington-Marion Charging Indians

Published: Aug. 24, 2021 at 11:27 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - It’s been a year since Washington-Marion touched the gridiron, but soon the Friday night lights will shine again. The Charging Indians enter 2021 with a new attitude thanks to first-year head coach Jules Sullen.

“The kids have been working phenomenally all summer long and it even goes back to what we did in the offseason beginning in January trying to target the weight room,” Sullen said. “Trying to change the environment or the culture develop a different mindset so, saying that this is my first year I’m extremely elated.”

The Washington-Marion offense is understandably filled with plenty of inexperience with only two starters returning from 2019. What the team lacks in experience, they make up for in speed. The running back tandem of Derrick Paul and Jordan Condoll will be key to the offense’s success.

“Speed and strength really and using our mind really,” said Paul. “Do whatever it takes to make my team win you know. Help my team step by step.”

Paul will be the bell cow of the two, but Condoll can add a change of pace when need be.

“We’re going to be a fast-paced offense throwing the ball running the ball. Our main strength is our speed,” Condoll said.

That speed will make things easier for first-year starting QB Justin Thomas as he makes the transition from basketball to football. Sullen said he just wants him to keep it simple.

“As I stated to him hey just control the team just be the general,” said Sullen. “Understand that you control everything that goes on. Don’t try to do more than what is asked of you to do and then once you can master that I think the skies the limit for him.”

Thomas may not have a lot of experience, but his team is confident in his work ethic to help be an example of what direction they want to go in once the season kicks off.

“You can depend on him but he’s hard-working so he’s never going to miss a beat,” said senior wide receiver Tyree Brown.

The defense too will be green as the lone veteran will be junior defensive tackle Jamari Condoll.

“He is a true leader. He has exhibited leadership skills that by far are some of the best leadership skills I’ve seen in 25 years of coaching. Tremendous young man. He has a lot of upside to him for his size he moves extremely well horizontal, and again he’s one of those guys that’s been starting the last three years,” Sullen said.

Condoll has been starting the last three seasons for the Charging-Indians and will be an important piece to their success defensively.

“We’re physical we’re fast and we can move,” Condoll said. “We can do different things from the defensive line perspective than other people.”

In addition to the defensive line Jamari’s brother, Jordan believes the back half of the defense will stand out too.

“Our secondary is looking really strong as well as our defensive line and linebackers,” said Jordan Condoll. “So, we don’t really know our weaknesses yet.”

After a one-year hiatus, the Charging Indians have goals they want to accomplish and it all starts week one.

“Play extremely hard to play fast to be disciplined to understand that you don’t only represent yourself you represent your school, your family, and community as well,” Sullen added.

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