Acadian Ambulance makes efforts to keep patients out of the hospital and provide treatment at home

Published: Aug. 20, 2021 at 8:21 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - With the surge of COVID-19 patients in hospitals, Acadian Ambulance has seen an uptick in the usage of its treatment-in-place program.

Acadian Ambulance Service in Lake Charles is one of two federally approved treat-in-place programs in Louisiana. The ET3 program has been in effect locally for a little over a year now.

“Currently, there’s a very high patient load at all of our local hospitals. They’re inundated with patients right now. The hospitals are full or close to full right now. With that in mind, we do have a program in place here at Acadian Ambulance Service - that is treat-in-place,” Acadian Ambulance Community Relations Supervisor Billy Vincent said.

Vincent said roughly 25,000 patients were treated by the ET3 program in the last year.

“This will help to alleviate those patients that qualify for this, to be able to be treated at home versus going to an E.R.,” Vincent said. “This will alleviate some of the patients that go there. That way we can reduce the load on our E.R. and save those beds for patients that are actually critically ill and/or injured.”

The program works to provide a virtual option for patients with a non-critical need and do not require an emergency room.

“So, patients that would qualify for treat-in-place would be patients that are just generally ill. You’re not feeling well, you would qualify for this - to be treated in your home for this program,” Vincent said.

After an EMT assessment, the patient would be given the option to speak with a physician through a video call.

“And you would be taken care of in your home with an actual diagnosis and a prescription without ever leaving your house,” Vincent said.

Vincent adds that Acadian Ambulance staff will be present during the call and continue to help provide assistance to the patient.

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