Southwest Louisiana shows out for back-to-school drive

Published: Jul. 30, 2021 at 6:40 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - It was all honks, donations and thank yous at DeWanna’s Closet’s back-to-school drive Friday.

“This has been an extremely unusual and difficult year for our families, and we as a community are just coming together and doing everything we can to have those classrooms ready to start,” DeWanna Tarver, founder of DeWanna’s Closet, said.

And the community is coming together by giving donations of all sizes.

“It’s amazing,” Tarver said. “Just the people that pass by, just hand us money out of their way. We had somebody hand us a roll of quarters - I thought that was so cool. Just you know, $1 here and $1 there and $100 there. People just wanting to be a part of what we’re doing. And it just speaks about the generosity of this community.”

Partnering with Wendy’s and KPLC, Tarver explains where the donations go.

“The way we work is the request comes from the school. And so, the school just sends us something and says, you know, they don’t even tell us his name, but a little boy needs this and this and this and this. Then, we box it up and deliver it to that public school,” Tarver said. “We serve from Pre-K through 12th grade.”

But donations were not the only things given out today. For Sally Bertrand, she used this opportunity to teach an important life lesson.

“I’m trying to teach my granddaughter the importance of donating, especially to underprivileged children or children that can’t afford,” Bertrand said. “So, we saw y’all, and we went to Target, got something and came back and brought it to you.”

For Braylon Harris, this hits close to home.

“My wife is in early childhood education,” Harris said. “So, I dare not come by. I was on my way to another meeting, realized, forgot I saw this online this morning, and definitely wanted to stop and be of assistance and be able of help and be a blessing to our community.”

If you missed out on today’s back-to-school drive, you can still help DeWanna’s Closet make a difference.

You can contact them through their website at

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