Recommendations to Protect You Against Covid-19

Stay Safe Against the Infection Even if You’re Vaccinated
Published: Jul. 21, 2021 at 10:56 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Covid-19 cases are on the rise in the state, with over 5,000 new cases today. Doctors at Christus Oschner St. Patrick Hospital say the number of patients coming in with the infection spiked even within the past 24 hours.

Most of those patients have not been vaccinated yet.

Although the vaccine does not fully protect you against getting the disease, it does dramatically decrease your chances of hospitalization or serious side effects.

“You know the vaccines don’t provide 100% protection; nothing really in life does,” said Dr. Haman, Infectious Disease Specialist at Christus Oschner St. Patrick Hospital.

“If you do happen to get infected the evidence is clear you are much less likely to be hospitalized or have other complications,” said Dr. Haman.

If you are vaccinated, Dr. Haman said you can safely enjoy outdoor gatherings, along with activities such as grocery shopping and airline travel.

“I think it’s important that if you are vaccinated that you can be free with who you are around and what sort of gatherings you can be at, and to me, that’s a selling point for the vaccine, that you can do those things with a much higher level of comfort that you’re gonna be safe,” said Dr. Haman.

If you still haven’t received the vaccine, Dr. Haman recommends masks and other protective equipment.

“The vast, vast, vast majority are not vaccinated and it’s very clear that they are having worse outcomes.”

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