Residents on Cherrydale ask for ‘no dumping’ signs at Kirkman and Contraband Bayou

Published: Jul. 20, 2021 at 8:01 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Like many people in the Lake Area, residents on Cherrydale cannot bear the thought of flooding again. They have asked for help, and it’s coming.

Residents blamed at least part of their flooding on junk and debris in Contraband Bayou.

Several weeks ago, the drainage district took a stab at trying to clean it up.

After so much flooding, you can’t blame the residents of Cheryydale for wanting to protect their part of the bayou after cleaning. They want “no dumping,” signs to be put up.

“We’d like to get permission to have a sign put up that states that ‘there’s no dumping’ and that ‘there’d be some video surveillance taking place’ and ‘any offenders caught will be prosecuted,’” resident Michael Johnson said.

“I think if we had signs to tell people not to dump in the bayou, it‘d discourage more trash in the bayou - help keep it clean, help maintain it. I’ve seen people throwing tree stumps and fencing into the bayou,” resident Ashley Royer said.

Both Johnson and Royer say they’ve seen people dumping items into the bayou.

“If we could get security cameras, that would also help. Because then, we could see the offenders who are repeating, repeatedly dumping into the bayou,” Royer said.

“We’ve seen people throwing things into the bayou on more than one occasion. So, it’s a matter of deterring them. If they know that cameras are out watching, they’re less likely to do it,” Johnson said.

Lake Charles Planning and Development Director Mike Huber says “yes.” He says they will put “no dumping” signs at Kirkman, Louisiana Avenue and Fifth avenue crossings within a few days. He says surveillance is something they can look at for the future if needed.

Even without surveillance, residents are watching and hoping to catch illegal dumpers and see them given a hefty fine.

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