Teachers preparing for STEM-based Astro Camp

Published: Jul. 7, 2021 at 7:52 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Area school teachers are getting ready for takeoff as they’re training for the upcoming Astro Camp taking place later this month.

Astro Camp will launch July 26 and run through July 30. Students enrolled in kindergarten through 12th grade are welcome to sign up for an in-person or at-home space experience, according to the camp.

An in-person camp will be held at Lake Charles - Boston Academy of Learning, Dequincy Elementary School, Vinton Middle School, Bell City High School, and Hackberry High School, according to the camp.

The camp says each participant will receive a box with all the equipment needed to perform the experiments and learning materials centered around NASA technology.

Teachers facilitating the camp say it’s important to encourage student to keep learning year-round.

“Just because it’s summertime, it doesn’t mean that you stop learning. It doesn’t mean that you stop growing and building your capacity. Not to mention, we’re curious people - we’re humans,” Lake Charles- Boston Academy of Learning teacher Daren Dotson said.

Dotson helps run creative stem-based programs like Astro Camp for the Calcasieu Parish School Board. He said learning opportunities like this are designed to be engaging for the young generation too.

“They get a chance to explore and see what it’s like to, you know, be involved in space and space activities and experiments,” Dotson said. “They’re going to be the ones who bring this about in the world and drive the world in the future. So, this is the time and opportunity to get them involved, get them engaged early. That way, you plant that seed for progression. You plant that seed for excellence. And you plant that seed for career-based and how they want to live their life now.”

He said he’s excited to see the interest the teachers volunteering for the camp have in spreading awareness about STEM learning.

“They’ll want to experiment with different things. And by having their interest, they’ll want to come to school more. And they participate in class,” E.K. Key elementary teacher Stephanie Leger said.

Leger says hands-on experiences like this camp will help encourage students to further pursue many avenues of learning. She also says she looks forward to bring what she learns from this camp to her classroom in the fall.

The camp says anyone wanting to register can go HERE.

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