COVID-19 survivor from Ragley returns home

Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 10:28 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - A Ragley man has been released from the hospital after 186 days of battling COVID-19.

Keith and Donna Foreman’s long journey started on December 5, when Keith was admitted to the hospital with double pneumonia and tested positive for COVID-19. One week later, they were told to prepare for the worst.

“On that day, they told us he’s not going to make the day,” Foreman said.

After 186 days, two hospitals, and countless obstacles, Keith Foreman finally returned home after his battle with COVID-19. His family calls it a miracle.

“We have a miracle. He was intubated twice. He overcame all that,” Foreman said.

“He would get so low, and we would be worried, but we still had hope, no matter how bad it sounded,” said Lloyd Carroll, pastor of Topsy Baptist Church.

Donna never wanted to leave Keith’s his side, but COVID restrictions kept her from visiting for the first several months of his recovery. She said Southwest Louisiana physician Dr. Sandra Bruno is the reason Keith is still alive.

“Without her being at the hospital every day and sometimes twice a day to watch over him, I don’t know that he would be here today,” Foreman said.

“I really felt that one of the critical things I did, in addition to providing his medical care was making sure that Donna knew what was going on with her husband since she was unable to see him for most of the time he was in the intensive care unit,” Dr. Bruno said.

A crucial part to his recovery was his support team and never giving up hope.

“I think that has been a big part of Mr. Foreman’s success: that the people around him, his caregivers and his medical team has stayed positive,” Dr. Bruno said.

“I kept telling him, whatever you do, don’t give up, and he didn’t. That’s what got us through. The good Lord, prayers and never giving up,” Foreman said.

Dr. Bruno says the takeaway from Keith’s story is even when things seem at their worst, there can still be a happy ending. Keith’s family is glad he is finally home.

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