Lake Charles residents deal with flooding again

Updated: Jun. 2, 2021 at 9:55 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) - Across the parish, people have had enough of the repeated flooding. Wednesday’s rain caused more flooding in parts of Lake Charles, even ruining some vehicles.

Residents on Louisiana Avenue say they are fed up with the street flooding in their area, and other residents in South Lake Charles say more maintenance is needed to prevent flooding throughout the city.

“Been here 17 years and seven and a half hurricanes, and it gets worse and worse every time, and the response gets less and less,” said flood victim, James Mackey.

“I think it’s about time for me and my husband and family to pack up and move,” said flood victim, Chaisity Owens.

A river flowed down Louisiana Avenue Wednesday evening, and traffic caused a wake to flow up to homes.

“My shorts are wet from walking in it, about 20 inches,” Mackey said. “I’ve just been standing in the middle of the road and not moving. A couple of them have turned around without a problem and a couple of them have turned around and made a little exhibit to show my disdain for not wanting my house flooded.”

The sheer amount of water destroyed some vehicles.

“The minute I backed out and took off and water was coming in the car, it just stopped,” Owens said.

It’s Chaisity Owen’s second vehicle to flood in less than a month.

“I lost another SUV on 12th Street and Enterprise, so I don’t have any cars,” Owens said. “Yeah, that was my last vehicle.”

Homeowners in South Lake Charles are desperate for help in cleaning out the lateral behind their homes.

“This should be flowing, and this is why everyone is flooding,” said flood victim Ruth Conner.

Conner says there should be a more cohesive approach with parish and city leaders working together to make improvements.

“Clean up so the maintenance wouldn’t be so devastating over there by Goodwill. It looks like a dam,” Conner said. “Over by Country Club Road by the laterals where this ends, it’s just like a dam, so nothing can flow through it. This water is just still.”

Other homeowners worry the flooding is just a precursor to a devastating storm season ahead.

“I know they are busy, but there’s a lot more important things to be doing for the city at the moment,” Mackey said.

“Lake Charles has gotten worse and we cannot take any more hurricanes. If this is just raining, imagine if we have another hurricane,” Owens said.

Conner was one of many who brought their concerns in front of the drainage board last night.

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