8 Days of Hope helps flood victims

Updated: May. 28, 2021 at 6:42 PM CDT
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Lake Charles, LA (KPLC) -Many homes throughout Southwest Louisiana have met their match as a result of the severe flooding.

Leaving many people here in the Lake area has to redo repairs on homes they’re barely getting back into.

Gwendolyn and Edgar Bryant were just settling back into their house when, yet, another disaster swept across Southwest Louisiana.

“I put one foot down, and I say Edgar there’s water in our home. And as the day went by the water continued to rise.”

In fact, the water was so high near their house their friend drove his boat all the way up to their door to rescue them.

The Bryant’s would consider their friend’s actions as an act of God but that didn’t stop Gwendolyn from fearing what may be lurking in the water.

“That was it was a big relief for me. It was just terrifying to step out into the water and get in the boat. And then while I was on the boat, it frightens me so much when the boat would tilt. But thank God I had my husband, he was there to hold my hand.”

Walking through their home, they showed me where pictures of their friends and family use to hang, the place where they use to lay their head, in a house where memories were made …

Being removed from their house, once again, the Bryant’s were back to square one.

But not for long, they found their place in 8 Days of Hope.

“It makes you feel good that know they have organizations like eight days of hope who just from different parts of the country that take sacrifice their time and energy and effort to come out to help people today know even know.”

Event leader for 8 Days of Hope, Steve Metcalf says this is his opportunity to serve a community in need.

“This is the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people that are suffering and to do something of value. I’ve heard it said, what you do for yourself will die with you, what you do for others has the opportunity to outlive you and last for eternity.”

Joining hands with Southwest Louisiana response to make things as easy as possible for the people in need.

“I’m from Southwest Louisiana, my house got destroyed in the hurricane as well. So to serve others is definitely a point where you’re not sympathetic towards them, you’re empathetic towards them, you know, you’ve been where they are, you are where they are. And so to serve someone else is great and lets you know that someone will come along and help serve alongside you as well.”

Houses can be replaced, at the end of the day the Bryant’s still have each other.

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