Elderly flood victim discovers flood insurance policy does not cover contents

Updated: May. 21, 2021 at 8:51 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Most of what Ursula Harrington had is now piled up in front of her house on Tamarack, off McNeese Street. That’s what happens when two feet of rising water invade your home.

“All my stuff is outside. Sixty years we lived in this house and never got water in the house. And it’s all out. Everything’s gone,” said the 84-year-old flood victim.

And now, she finds out the flood insurance policy her late husband bought 60 years ago does not cover contents.

“All the stuff on the inside wasn’t insured,” she said.

Her son, Patrick, says it’s a huge disappointment.

“Mama’s been on this policy for 60 years, and no one has ever said, ‘Well, you need to update your policy.’ Because it’s just not something people think about,” he said.

He says it’s a reminder to read policies carefully and regularly.

“Make sure your policies are up to date. Spend the extra money to get your policy where it needs to be,” he said.

For now, Ursula is staying with her daughter, and the family is taking it a day at a time and thankful she and the flowers survived.

“They were all underwater. Everyone was underwater, and they come out so pretty.”

She has hibiscus, lilies, roses and other colorful flowers in the front yard.

If Ursula looks familiar, you may remember her from earlier in the week when the sheriff’s department was doing high water rescues.

For more information on the Federal Flood Insurance program click here.

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