Tips you should know before driving through flooded water

Updated: May. 19, 2021 at 9:23 AM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - We got a first-hand look at just some of the cars that were abandoned following the historic flooding on Monday. It’s another reminder that it’s best to stay home when flash food watches are issued.

When driving in those high waters, you are taking a risk for not only your own safety but your car’s as well.

Derek Senegal, Louisiana State Police public information officer, suggests that over the course of the next few days, with all the rain, it’s important that you don’t drive with your cruise control on a flooded roadway because you won’t be able to slow your vehicle down.

He also notes that if you get stranded in a flooded area and flooded areas around you, it will take emergency personnel a longer time to get to you.

Senegal suggests that if you don’t have anywhere to go to just stay home.

“We do suggest that if you don’t have anywhere to go that you and with a bigger threat for rain for a second day, we just want you to stay off the roadway. We’re discouraging any type of travel, if you don’t need to go anywhere just stay home.”

Family Auto General Manager, Daniel Peshoff says that not being able to see the bottom of the road is a pretty good indicator that you shouldn’t try to drive your car through it. Not only are you risking flooding your engine but you also don’t know what else is in the water.

Peshoff understands that it’s hard to prevent traveling but if you do have to get out of the house, try to find an alternative route if roads are flooded near you.

“Deepwater is just detrimental to your engine, it’s really not good to drive in it. The thing we can do to prevent it is to stay out of it. Try not to drive in moving water, it gets waves in the engine which causes the intake to take in the water and that’s where the damage comes.”

He does add that the deepest water you can probably go into without damaging your engine would be the bumper.

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