Loomis-Payton partnership continues the trend of trading up in the NFL Draft

Loomis-Payton partnership continues the trend of trading up in the NFL Draft
In the Loomis-Payton era, the Saints have traded up 22 times in the NFL Draft.

NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) - In the Mickey Loomis-Sean Payton era the Saints moved up 20 times in the NFL Draft. Entering the weekend, they looked to move up again in the first round, but could never find a dancing partner.

“We had a lot of conversations with a lot of teams and look at the end of the day, I understand it. Listen, we were pick 28 that’s a long ways back. I think in the last 20 years, I think there’s only been four or five times where a team has gone from the 20′s into the top ten. So that’s pretty rare to begin with and for someone to do that they want a ransom and we’re about making a fair trade, but we weren’t interested in just giving up a king’s ransom for that move and wasn’t able to do it. I think there were a couple times where it looked like it was going to be considered and maybe happen, but it didn’t and look that happens a lot in this league and happens a lot during the draft,” said Saints GM Mickey Loomis.

The Saints attempted to move up in hopes of drafting a high-rated cornerback. Instead, the Saints landed a corner in round three in Paulson Adebo.

“This is a tall, very athletic, another kid that is really super smart. I know David Shaw thinks a lot of him. I would say probably, I don’t know that I would say we’re set, but this is a player that’s going to come in and compete and develop. I think he does need some development. He didn’t play this last season. I think he opted out but he had eight interceptions in the two years before that. He was an all-Pac 12 player and we’re excited to see this young man and see if we can develop him and we’ll see where it lies at the end of training camp in terms of how much he gets to play,” said Loomis.

The Saints still lack a starter at cornerback. So will Adebo have a shot, or will the Black and Gold find one in free agency.

“He will compete like all of these guys will. And I would not say we are definitely going to, but I would not also discount that we might look to sign another player. We didn’t fill up every spot tonight in free agency with the undrafted players because there’s still a grade that we’re looking to sign. So we’ll have enough, clearly we’ll have enough, wiggle room as most teams will, heading into the spring,” said Loomis.

It’s customary for draft grades to come out from the media right after the weekend is over. But Payton says it’ll take years to figure out if they hit gold some of these picks.

“The key is getting them in the building and getting enough good football players in the building. And then the rest of it begins to sort itself out and you look back three years from now and you really get a chance to evaluate your class. I’ve said that before. So that’s kind of the approach we took,” said Payton.

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