Election Commissioners needed at the Calcasieu Parish Clerk of Court

Election Commissioners needed at the Calcasieu Parish Clerk of Court

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - It’s a job that lets you serve your community and your country.

An Election Commissioner.

“I think it is important as a duty as an American to want to participate in the whole process,” said Mary Corbello, a Deputy Clerk. “I think you get more enjoyment other than voting as you can watch people and help them.”

In Calcasieu Parish, the Clerk of Court is looking for more Election Commissioners.

“In last year’s election cycle, we were short-handed, and we were scrambling to get commissioners, and of course, you know, for obvious reasons, two hurricanes and the Corona virus situation,” said Clerk of Court, Lynn Jones. “We were able to get by, but we do not want to be in that situation again.”

The Clerk is offering four days of election school with two classes a day.

“You have to be a registered voter in Calcasieu Parish, you can’t have been convicted of any election laws, he said. “You can be 17 years old if you are a senior in high school.”

For those who are interested in becoming an Election Commissioner, Jones says there will be a class on Tuesday.

“We have one at 10 a.m and one at 6 p.m,” he said. “They will go over all the ins and outs on how to set up election machines, how to document each voter that comes through. There are all kinds of things that you learn. It is not hard, but there is a lot of information you need to know.”

Corbello took the class and says it is not hard.

“It’s a few hours, it’s really not that inconvenient, you pick your time, there are certain times they allot, you go, and then you take an open book test,” she said. “It’s nothing where you have to study or really take notes, you can take notes if you want to.”

Only taking about three hours to complete, the class is free, and all supplies are provided.

In addition to Tuesday’s class, they will be having a session later this month at the West Calcasieu Events Center, with two more days of classes in August.

Those who are chosen will earn two hundred dollars each election day they work.

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