Free vein screening during month of May

Published: May. 3, 2021 at 10:35 PM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - The Vein Center of Southwest Louisiana is offering free vein screenings throughout the month of May.

Anyone with varicose or spider veins, or who experience leg pain, tiredness or fatigue can make an appointment for a free screening. A provider will offer suggestions on how to deal with these issues or suggest further examination.

When it comes to vein trouble, it is difficult to know if what you’re experiencing warrants a trip to the doctor. Warning signs often go ignored or unrecognized. Vein specialist Dr. Carl Fastabend says there are many signs that could potentially mean serious vascular problems.

Dr. Fastaband says those symptoms can include, “aching and tiredness in the leg by the end of the day, swelling, which usually progresses throughout the day, pain and also restless legs at night.”

If further treatment is necessary, there are various minimally invasive options to choose from that require little down time.

“Closing the vein, opening the vein, putting stints in the vein, or even surgically removing on occasion, although, we don’t do vein stripping anymore,” Fastabend said. “Our technology is far beyond that.”

Dr. Fastabend says the pandemic complicated their practices as they were only able to help patients through telemedicine and elective surgeries were put on hold. People have since delayed seeking treatment.

“Vein problems have gone down on the priority list for sure, but now we are coming out of this. It is a bright new day,” Dr. Fastabend said. “We hope people start coming to get their legs treated.”

Although vein disease is primarily genetic, obesity and those who have a standing occupation are at greater risk for developing these issues.

“Things that you can do to make it less of a problem is to maintain ideal body weight, exercise regularly, avoid prolonged standing or sitting and, in some cases, wear compression stockings,” Fastabend said.

To make an appointment, call (337) 312-8346.

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