Flooring demand increase following Hurricanes Laura and Delta

Flooring demand increase following Hurricanes Laura and Delta

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Following Hurricanes Laura and Delta, water damage from flooding has been a common occurrence for some lake area residents.

“Most people whose flooring was damaged obviously it has to be replaced, because of the issues with water and moisture and flooding and things like that there is a keen interest in waterproof flooring,” said Tony Pottmeyer, the owner at Floor Trader.

Pottmeyer says homeowners want their new floors to survive the next storm.

“Most of it was damage caused by water as a result of roofs being blown off, windows being blown in, walls being breached, things like that,” he said.

Floor Trader sustained damage like many other local businesses, including damages to their roof and the collapse of their Southeast wall.

“Just this past week, we finished getting our new roof put on, we got a new exterior of the building completed, our stucco is done,” he said. “We are almost finished with our repairs, so we are back able to serve at full capacity the folks of Southwest Louisiana.”

Pottmeyer says one of the biggest issues they currently face is space.

“We have lots of folks that are coming and buying their floor coverings, but they are not ready for it,” he said. “So, we’re warehousing it, we’re hanging onto it for them, which is a good thing except it is causing a space issue, and I would assume that to be the case for every dealer in town.

Despite that, he says they have been able to supply the demand right now with only a few delays.

“Sometimes folks will come and place orders, we’ve had orders in the past that would typically take a week that can take as long as a month now,” he said. “Freight is really tricky, the flow of things is just not what it once was, but we’re trying to keep our customers informed, we’re trying to let them know when we’re aware there are going to be some delays in our products.

Pottmeyer mentioned that when it comes to installation, they maintain a list of local contractors they can make available to customers if they choose to pursue it.

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