City of Sulphur water filter project out for bids

City of Sulphur: Water filter project out for bids

SULPHUR, La. (KPLC) - The City of Sulphur passed a resolution at the city council meeting on Apr. 12, authorizing the city to accept bids on water filters for the Verdine water plant.

This latest step is in part to decrease the amount of iron in the water that is causing discoloration. Discolored water is a unpleasant sight that Sulphur residents see running from their faucets from time to time.

“We want to make it to where its clear the vast majority of the time, and that people feel comfortable drinking the water,” said Sulphur Mayor Mike Danahay.

Danahay said the city has been working on this project since 2019 when a temporary solution was given a try.

“It replaced the media in the current vessels with the long term plan of replacing the vessels with new media in the future.”

The water vessels that hold those media filters are now too deteriorated, but are expected to be replaced by December of this year.

“We started that process this past Monday [Apr. 12] that will go out on bid and start the replacement,” Mayor Danahay said.

Danahay said the second part of that project includes a pre-treatment system.

“That will remove a lot of the iron content prior to it actually going into the filters.”

In the meantime, the City plans to continue to flush out water when it contains sediments or decolonization.

“Our maintenance people will go out whenever they get a call of discolored water,” Danahay said. “They will flush the line to make sure it’s clear, so that we’ll be able to give the quality of water we expect for the citizens of Sulphur.”

Danahay encourages residents to call the City when they are experiencing discoloration in their water.

The mayor said that the water in Sulphur is safe for dinking. He also adds that the city has gone from four wells to two. One well is being reworked and another well will be added in the next fiscal year.

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