Long term effects of COVID-19 on your vision

Long term effects of COVID-19 on your vision

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - As COVID-19 continues to loom across the country with new variants forming, doctors are still unsure of the potential long-term effects the virus may have.

But the question is can covid affect your vision?

“Coronavirus is a virus, and the eye is vulnerable to virus infections through the soft tissue called the conjunctiva,” said Dr. William Hart of Hart Eye Center.

Dr. Hart says one patient reported their left eye turning red and being sensitive to light while having covid.

“It passed, as the coronavirus kinda went, that eye problem passed and their vision dropped a little bit according to the patient,” he said.

He says the eyes are sensitive, which makes them susceptible to viruses.

“I don’t think there is anything special about coronavirus,” he said. “Many viruses like adenovirus cause the same sort of thing.”

He says like any virus if it enters through the conjunctiva, your eye can get irritated.

“You can have blurred vision due to inflammation inside the eye, he said. “You can have a little bit of discomfort of the eye, there can be swelling of the optic nerve in extreme cases.

For now, Dr. Hart says the impact of covid on your eye is not conclusive.

“There are not any studies being done,” he said. “The one study that is being done was done, by I think telephone and maybe by mail, so there’s nobody looking at the patients because everybody has been locked out.”

Dr. Hart says if you do find yourself with vision issues potentially related to covid, it should disappear within two weeks, just like any common pink eye virus.

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