AmeriCorps NCCC partners with All Hands and Hearts for long-term hurricane recovery

AmeriCorps teams with All Hands and Hearts

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Countless non-profit organizations have made their way to the area to lend a hand in the continuous hurricane clean-up. As we brace ourselves for the fast-approaching 2021 hurricane season, recovery efforts are putting an emphasis on long-term construction. AmeriCorps NCCC is serving with All Hands and Hearts to address the immediate and long-term needs of the community.

AmeriCorps NCCC volunteers arrived shortly after Hurricane Laura swept through Louisiana. Community Relations Representative, Amelie Cook says the group helped with mucking homes during their initial visit. “We helped with recovery like mucking and chainsawing trees,” said Cook.

“Things that pose an imminent threat or danger to the homeowner.”

Round-the-clock recovery efforts have been many Louisiana residents saving grace following Hurricane Laura and Delta. The sea of blue tarp-covered roofs we saw just seven months ago is slowly being repaired.

“Right now, we are roofing, and we are doing repairs on people’s homes that have been destroyed by the hurricanes, or from water and mold damage,” said Cook.

Despite thousands of people who still need help, volunteers say they have seen an incredible improvement in the recovery process since last year.

“A lot of work has been done, and a lot of individuals are getting help, which will eventually add up to everyone getting the help that they need,” said Cook.

“I feel like it has been pretty fast since we have continuous teams coming by,” said team leader K.T. Wu.

Wu says time spent serving others is time well spent.

“People will tell us how much they appreciate it, and they tell us it looks like a house again,” said Wu. “It is a very humbling experience. You don’t really know what other people are going through.”

Cook, who is from California, had never seen the effects of a hurricane. She said the transition was tough to see.

“There is damage everywhere,” said Cook. “It is really hard to look at because you know that is people’s homes and their whole life.”

The team will continue to offer their services until their time is up on April 15.

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