Stocking up on seafood for Easter holiday weekend

Stocking up on seafood for Easter holiday weekend

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - Here in Southwest Louisiana, some say there’s no better way to spend Good Friday than with crawfish on the table. To avoid long lines tomorrow, people were stocking up on Thursday. Many are hopeful for the celebrations this year.

“Getting together with the family, celebrating Good Friday, and maybe have a few drinks,” says Devon Shelton. “You need it after the year we had. [It’s] going to be one of the first gatherings we’ve had after the hurricanes, ice storms, and the pandemic.”

Here in Southwest Louisiana, Easter is best celebrated with seafood - specifically mud bugs.

“I look forward to this holiday all the time,” says Nicole John. “Because I can eat a lot of crawfish and don’t have to feel guilty about it.”

“You can tell all the seasoning of the crawfish ends up in the head,” says Nathaniel Brown. “If the seasoning is not in the head, it’s not in the tail. Love it!”

Lines wrapped around JT’s Seafood on Lake Street where many were stocking up.

“Everybody’s trying to get a little head start on these crawfish for tomorrow - shrimp, crabmeat and catfish and everything else,” says owner, Brad Soileau.

“I’m getting some catfish [to] make a little couvillion,” says Jared Chaumont.

“We are doing our crawfish boil Saturday instead of Good Friday, and then have seafood again Easter Sunday,” says Dorothy McDaniel. “So it’s gonna be a seafood weekend.”

Some even got a head start celebrating in other Lake Area Seafood Shacks on Thursday, traveling to Southwest Louisiana just for the crawfish.

“I always make this my number one stop because the staff here at Honey B’s can cook crawfish better with their eyes closed, than some can cook it with their eyes open,” says Brown. “I’m gonna eat this plate and be done. Then, come back tomorrow and take about 12 pounds back to Texas.”

The staff at JT’s Seafood says people will start lining up around 5:30 in the morning on Good Friday. They say to avoid a wait, get there early.

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