Midge swarms as Temperatures rise

Updated: Mar. 18, 2021 at 6:22 AM CDT
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - What is small, has two wings, and is considered a nuisance to many?

Most probably guessed mosquitoes, but there is another insect that fits that definition: Midges.

“A midge is an insect associated with stagnant water or high organic water,” said Scott Harrington, The Operations Manager at the Calcasieu Parish Mosquito Control.

While both come from aquatic habitats, unlike the mosquito, midges don’t pose any threat to humans.

“If you look at it closely, it has just some small fuzzy mouth parts, and they don’t bite or suck blood like a mosquito,” he added.

If you have noticed an increase in these insects around the SWLA area, Harrington says hurricane damage could be a factor.

“I think we’re seeing an increase in those, especially along the Cameron area because of all the hurricane damage, and places aren’t draining out or flushing out properly.”

Another insect that you might have come across recently? A Crane fly.

“A lot of times, you’ll see them under a carport or garage or in your house on a wall,” he said.

And while February and March are a regular time for these flies, you can start seeing a decrease by May.

Unfortunately, after that, you can expect the increase of another insect.

“This time of year is heavy for those types of bugs, and unfortunately for us, as we know what follows this was going to be the mosquitoes,” Harrington said.

He says hurricane damage could increase the number of mosquitoes we see this season.

“It really depends on the rainfall,” he said. “If we have a wet year, it could be bad. It’s kind of hard to predict Mother Nature in some ways, but we are expecting to see an increase in mosquitoes based on the habitat destruction from the two hurricanes.

Mosquito control says if you have a tree that’s been removed and has left a hole in the ground, they can treat the area for mosquito larvae.

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