Radio morning show volunteers to retire

Updated: Mar. 11, 2021 at 7:33 AM CST
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LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - A morning radio tradition will end next week in Lake Charles. Two volunteers who have been waking up listeners of McNeese State University radio station KBYS-FM are retiring.

“All right, here’s the Righteous Brothers, Rock and Roll Heaven on commercial free 88.3 KBYS,” announces Stormi Sonnier. It seems just a few years ago Vietnam-era veteran Wes Guidry asked Sonnier to join him on the air KBYS.

“We were talking one day on the radio and I said something and she said something, it was back and forth,” recalled Guidry. “I said, man, there’s a big generation gap here. I’m 70 and she’s 35. So I said there’s a generation gap and it stuck.”

“We have the music in common, but when it comes to everything else, no, we don’t have it in common,” said Sonnier. “Our views, our takes on things. That’s just the 2 generations and it came out on the radio as we talked, hey, there’s a generation gap and that’s what happened.”

Every weekday for the past five years, the Generation Gap team volunteered to get up and be on the radio at six am. They’ve never been paid.

“It’s just the love for the music and the listeners,” said Sonnier. “The people of this community. It’s an amazing community and I’ve seen that so much over the last five years. How much people support us, support KBYS, support McNeese.”

But now, the two have decided it’s time to move on. Stormi has some traveling to do, and as a veteran, Wes stays busy with his paying job.

“I’m the meeting planner for Vietnam Veterans of America,” said Guidry. “I’m responsible for conventions, conferences, meetings all over the country. So that has a lot of travel. Way too much travel. it’s time consuming.”

You still have time to hear the Generation Gap.Their last morning on the air is Friday, March 19. KBYS is operated by McNeese students and community volunteers, and is funded through the McNeese Foundation. For information, go to

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