Panorama Music House is on its way back to the Lake area

Panorama Music House is on its way back to the Lake area

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) - The once iconic Panorama Music House sign has been known as a staple to the Lake Area for many years. Today, it’s collecting dust inside the iconic building.

With over a million dollars worth of damage from the hurricanes and long term effects from the pandemic, restaurant owner Frankie Randazzo and his staff understand that their hands are full. He says they’re having to rebuild from the inside out.

With support beams splintered and the second floor caved in, the Panorama Music House was left destroyed.

Randazzo is working on restoring Panorama to its original glory.

“We’ve engaged a local engineer and a local architect to draw out the plans to rebuild the building, and we are working with our insurance company and our contractors,” Randazzo said. “In fact, today at noon we have a meeting with our engineers to go over what the city is going to require, but we look forward to a brand new facility and enhancing it and coming out with an even better offer than we had before.”

Randazzo doesn’t know when restorations will be complete. However, he does say that when Panorama is back up and running, there will be nothing like it in the Southwest Louisiana area.

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