Real Reform consumer group fighting for those in “insurance purgatory”

Syncbak: KPLC 7 News at Six - March 3, 2021 - part I - clipped version

LAKE CHARLES, La. (KPLC) -Many of those with homes damaged or destroyed by hurricanes still voice numerous complaints against their insurance companies. They range from ever changing adjusters to settlements that don’t provide enough money to rebuild.

Louisiana’s insurance commissioner has issued a bulletin reminding companies of certain obligations to policy holders.

Real Reform Louisiana has videos running across digital platforms as they advocate for homeowners who have lost faith in their insurance companies.

Executive Director Eric Holl says what people are going through is not fair.

“People are suffering, they’re tired, they just want to go home. They just want to reopen their business. They’re hoping that they can wear folks down and get them to a point where they’d rather take some of what they are owed rather than hold out and try to get everything that they need to be made whole,” he said.

Holl says more needs to be done to assure consumers, both residential and business, get the benefits of the insurance policies they paid on for years.

“They’re using delay tactics to try to force small businesses and homeowners to accept settlements that are much lower than what they need to rebuild their homes,” he said.

Holl says they want to be a voice for consumers and fight for change that makes the system work the way it is supposed to for policy holders.

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